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Mediation and Arbitration

Over 90% of all civil legal cases filed in Minnesota state courts are settled short of a trial. Yet, most cases do not settle until after the parties have spent a lot of money on attorney and other legal fees. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods have been developed to help businesses resolve legal disputes fairly early, and, therefore, less expensively. ADR involves use of a qualified independent third party to either facilitate or determine the outcome of a dispute.

As with most things in our modern times, there are numerous forms of ADR. In its simplest forms, there is either mediation or arbitration:
  • Mediation involves a qualified independent third party who promotes communication between the disputing parties to help reach a settlement. The mediator may not impose judgment on the issues. The goal is facilitation of a mutually agreed upon solution by the parties themselves, without the expense of traditional litigation.
  • Arbitration, often described as a mini-trial, involves presentation before an independent qualified third party or parties (the arbitrator). If the parties agree in advance, the arbitrator's decision can be binding and enforceable like any other contract.
Corporate Legal Advisors believes that ADR is often the best approach to resolving business disputes. We can act as either qualified neutrals (mediator or arbitrator) or represent you in such proceedings.

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